Landscape Services

JHJ Facilities is proud to be a full service licensed landscape contractor delivering the highest quality landscape design, landscape installation and landscape maintenance for your commercial or residential property. Let us help you create and maintain a great looking landscape that will enhance your image and your property value. Our knowledgeable and reliable landscaping staff will tailor its services to meet each of our client’s individual needs.

From the preliminary design stage, through installation and maintenance, our comprehensive landscape capabilities address all of your property needs. Our approach helps to guide your property through the changing seasons and into the future. Plus, our focus on customer service gives you the added confidence that your landscaping will be designed, installed, and maintained to industry standards and beyond.

Late Winter/Spring: Spring cleanups and Mulch installation. While cleanups and mulch installation can be done throughout the year, we recommend commencing these services in the Mid-Atlantic region from mid to late February so that the mulch can act as a helpful barrier to the emergence of still dormant weeds.

Spring/Summer/Early Fall: During this time a primary focus is on weekly lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and general maintenance. Weekly mowing is recommended to maintain the overall health and appearance of your lawn and, because we want your lawn to look as healthy and beautiful as possible, we will not mow your lawn during times of persistent drought conditions. We also offer regular weeding and trimming services, low branch trimming, damaged branch removal, and storm debris clean-up to maintain the overall look of your landscape.

Mid-Summer: We strongly recommend a thorough gutter cleaning in mid-summer to clear your gutters of debris that has fallen from your trees during the spring and has accumulated in your gutters. Failure to clear your gutters can result in significant water damage to your home.

Fall/Early Winter: Leaf cleanup service is offered from October through December to collect and remove debris from your lawn and garden, ideally before the first snowfall. We also strongly recommended a thorough gutter cleaning at this time to clear your gutters of that once beautiful fall foliage.